SYR + SU / by Ulf Oesterle

Along with running Aux Records, I get to oversee the Department of Music and Entertainment Industries at Syracuse University.  Within the department we've got around 200 students in several different majors and some of these students start bands while in school.  Other students work on their skills and launch a music career after SU.  In all cases, I take great pride in watching students grow as artists.  I wish there was a bit more crossover between the SU Hill and the Syracuse music community and that is something I'll be working on this year.  I'm hoping to book some shows with diverse lineups.  I'll facilitate a few meet ups in the city or on campus if there is interest (tweet at me to let me know @auxrecords).  I'll act as a matchmaker between bands if that's what it takes.  

In the event that you haven't followed what has happened on the Syracuse University campus recently, here are a few of the artists who have come out of The Bandier Program.  Included in this list is half of The Chainsmokers.  As of this writing, they own the #1 song in America on the Billboard Hot 100 with the song Closer.  I'll share more from some of these bands in the future but for now, here's a playlist to sample some of the artists that have been in town for school.