The Brilliant Light

The Brilliant Light is Tim Paige.

We could end the story there because his records have been a glance at life through his eyes.  The records were the acoustic side project from one of Honor Bright's frontmen as a twenty-something telling life as it was. 

A Healing Is Due is decidedly a pop album, though it didn’t start out that way.

“I had intended on making a folk record from the start, with just my guitar and my voice” says
Paige. Then his friends stepped in to add to the album.  As the record was recorded with Steve Sopchak at The Square Studio, ideas
started to brew. Steve worked with Tim to bring more to the record than a guitar and vocal mix.
Sopchak, known for his work with heavier bands, started adding guitar and bass to the records. They recruited Kiel Feher to play drums on the

As the record took shape Tim added longtime friend and voice of hometown buzz band White
Picket Fence, Elise Miklich, to the mix. The two crafted the album’s title track "A Healing Is Due" and is a song that could contend as the strongest closing track of any album ever.

Following up the first release was Things That I Won't Need, an even more polished and emotionally raw album in 2011 that featured the track "Under The Pillows."  Paige has played Warped Tour, graced the pages of AP and Amp Magazine and performed on MTV’s Total Request Live prior to the show going dark.

The Brilliant Light has been fortunate to play stages with MeWithoutYou, Forever The Sickest Kids,
The Junior Varsity, Anthony Raneri (Bayside), Vinnie Caruana (I Am The Avalanche) and many more.  Artwork for both records was created by celebrated visual artist Cayetano Valenzuela.

Things That I Won't Need (2011)

A Healing Is Due (2009)