Syracuse, New York’s Honor Bright is a pop punk-leaning five-piece rock collective with huge aspirations and a band that’s definitely in it for all the right reasons. You see, rather than try and cash in on the latest trends in order to make a quick buck, Honor Bright are focused on longevity; they want to play music for music’s sake. And from the sound of the band’s previous offering, 2008’s “If This Was a Movie,” their forthcoming Triple Crown Records debut, “Action! Drama! Suspense!” is sure to prove that these guys will make every note count.

Honor Bright - who’ve drawn comparisons to bands like Taking Back Sunday, Mayday Parade, and All Time Low - began in 2006, following a short-lived hardcore stint between founding front man Liam DiCosimo and guitarist/vocalist Tim Paige. “We didn’t want to just call it quits, so we decided we were going to start playing the kind of music we grew up listening to, like Green Day and MXPX. Something closer to a pop-punk sound,” explains DiCosimo. “But, because we all came from rock & roll and hardcore bands, we wanted to still have that rock edge to it.” By the close of 2006, bassist Anthony Merritt, drummer Curt Henry, and guitarist Ryan Gilmore joined the fold, solidifying the band’s lineup.

“Action! Drama! Suspense!” was produced by former A Day To Remember guitarist Tom Denney and Go Radio front man Jason Lancaster (ex-Mayday Parade). The super-catchy and fun-filled anthems that flood the new disc are punctuated by the band’s duel-vocals approach - every member contributes back-up vocals to the new songs – and crafty songwriting.

“We write our songs more like they’re conversations,” says DiCosimo. “I would say the underlying theme would be the sorts of conversations you’ll have with your friends, your band mates, your girlfriend, ex girlfriend, whatever. We’ve always wanted to make it so the songs could be accessible and people could listen to a song and equate it to their own lives. There are common themes; heartbreak, hanging out with your friends, loving what you do. These are concepts that anyone of any age can identify with.” Honor Bright, who’ve shared the stage with The Maine, From First To Last, and Emarosa’s Jonny Craig, have appeared on MTV’s erstwhile flagship show “TRL” and have been hailed by the media, including Alternative Press (AP) and AMP magazines. AP recently named the group one of it’s “100 Bands You Need To Know” for 2010, which led the band to a prime slot on their South By Southwest showcase as well as a spot on this year’s Bamboozle Festival in New Jersey.

While the future is never predictable, Honor Bright can guarantee dedication. They want to be a band people still care about ten years from now, and will continually build upon their crisp, engaging sound. “We will always play music whether Honor Bright is the biggest band on the planet or we’re still doing small clubs just for fun,” says Paige. “Either way, we love playing music. If we can get to the point where every record we can make is more relevant than the last one and to know we’re always progressing, that would make us happy. We will write music we love that kids will be able to relate to and people will be able to relate to and enjoy.”

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